About company

Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno-Handlowe „JUOR" S.C. R.Rydzewska, D.Orziński, A.Orziński is a family run company, founded in 2006. The founder of the company is Jerzy Orziński who commenced this business in 1989, under the name PPH JUOR.  At first the business involved fish smoking.  The place of business was Lubowidz 35E, 84-300 Lębork. 
As de demand for fish products started to grow, in 1997 Jerzy Orziński decided to acquire another facility (84-218 Godętowo 1A), which he then upgraded to make it suitable for production of canned fish.  The main product range is the production of cod liver in natural fat.   The production facility conforms with the requirements and standards of the European Union.  
On 3 August 2006 a civil partnership was established under the name PPH JUOR S.C. R.Rydzewska, J.Orziński, A.Orziński, with partners being Roksana Rydzewska - daughter to Jerzy Orziński, Jerzy Orziński - father and Arkadiusz Orziński son son Jerzy Orzinski.  
The next stage of the company's development involved the extension and upgrade of the production facility in Lubowidz 35E, 84-300 Lębork to the requirements of the European Union; the facility produces smoked to enhance the range of canned fish.  
2013 saw a launch of a smokehouse, in which smoking takes place in a natural way.   The main smoked fish is sprat.  Smoked sprat is then sent to another production facility, which produces canned fish. 
Currently the company is in the process of launching new products based on natural ingredients.